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so there's this chick.

i think shes uber cute;
but she has this boyfriend that shes trying to let go of supposably;

she said i was cute and i beleave her, but i just doibt that she is going to end it with him;

so once again im confused because of girls;

im just going to sit back relax watch the show and just let things fall into place.

june 4th
im sick of fucking stupid cunts i wasted my god damn time on.

i dont fucking need you and im moving on.

theres alot of other chicks that are dying to get with me that are wayyy cuter than you.
so i dont care anymore.

trust has been lost.
friendship has been lost.
everything we had has been lost.

your my worst fucking nightmare and you make me fucking sick.

ill be supprised if you dont die alone.

and i mean this sincerely


june 3rd
well i just got ungrounded, and that's why i haven't been posting lately.

me and Ashley broke up for the....i dont have enough hands to count with.

Every time we broke up before i wasn't to worried because i knew in the back of mind it
willl be a matter of days before we got together.

Now its completely different, I want to give up but i refuse to.
she is way to special for that.

im going to keep trying but its kind of discouraging to tell her how much you love her
and she doesn't reply with anything

oh well whatever happens, happens.
im goingto try to play my cards right for once.

day 1 still.
its day one and i still have things to say although what teenager doesn't.

I just came back from a smoke break, im now smoking 1  a day instead of the usual 4.
but it will stop soon once i get my medicine i can almost guarantee that.

right now im crying, it really suck i miss everyone in my family that is deceased,
from my great grandma to my uncle troy to me adopted grandma on my step mom's side.

I want to believe that there is a better place for them instead of 6 feet of dirt
i just wish that there was a heaven, just for them.

i felt like i could of got to know more about my great grandma, don't get me wrong i know somethings
but i feel like i could of got to know more.

i miss my adopted grandma as well, she was one of the greatest people i have every met in my life.
she influenced it as well as made it better. when she was around she was one of the only people
i could talk to and not get judged my my wrongful actions. Now that shes gone i have a limited amount
of people i can see in person to talk about my problems and get infinite amounts of love.

I just want to be the person that is always trusted and that people care about the most.
I just wonder what they would say if they saw me now.

I just want to be a better person.

im getting of here before i ruin the computer with my tears.

here it goes. Day 1
today was okay i guess.
i didn't go to school so i didn't get to see boo :/
me and my parents got along today.
i caught up on my sleep it was good.
and i had a weird dream but i cant describe it,
that is all.


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